Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Weasis license Eclipse Public License?

The Eclipse Public License is an OSI approved license and a commercially friendly copyleft license.

EPL is more business-friendly about some patent retaliation and reverse engineering clauses than LGPL. With EPL, derivative work (weasis plugin) can be distributed in any license type: open source, freeware, commercial… However, if you distribute Weasis with some modifications (changing existing source code of the open source Weasis plug-ins), even if it is a free distribution, you are obligated to make your modifications available to others.

For more information about EPL, check out the EPL 2 FAQ.

Can Weasis be incorporated in DICOM CDs or other removable media?

Yes, the Weasis portable version can be copied in DICOM CD-ROMs as a multi-platform stand-alone viewer with launchers for Mac OS X, Linux and Windows. The viewer requires that a Java Runtime Environment (JRE 8 or greater) be installed on the machine to run. If Java is not installed on Windows, a dialog will propose to install it from the Internet.

The executable (viewer-win32.exe) allows to embed a JRE in the relative directory “jre/windows” (e.g. weasis-portable/jre/windows/bin/java.exe). To support 32 and 64-bit architecture, copy 32-bit Java Runtime from its installed directory.
Note: the embedded Java Runtime is used only when no runtime is available on the system. When Java is run from CD, it could be a little slow.

The viewer loads automatically images from DICOMDIR or from directories configured in “weasis/conf/config.properties (by default weasis.portable.dicom.directory=dicom,DICOM,IMAGES,images).

For burning studies with Weasis, and additionnal plugin must be activated. In the web distribution, add weasis-ext.war. In the portable distribution, 1) uncompress weasis-ext.war, 2) copy weasis-isowriter-x.x.x.jar into weasis-portable/weasis/, 3) replace the file conf/ext-config.properties, 4) edit ext-config.properties and modify ${weasis.codebase.ext.url} by ${weasis.codebase.url}

For burning Weasis with dcm4chee-cdw, look at Write weasis-portable to DICOM CDs with dcm4chee-cdw.

How to enable Weasis logging?

Logs are available either in Weasis log files (in ${user.home}/.weasis/log) or in the Java console (only with Java Webstart).

  1. By displaying the Java console (not compatible with the Weasis native installer):

    • Windows
    • Linux
    • Mac:
      1. Navigate to the following folder: Applications > Utilities > Java.
      2. Click the Java Preferences icon and then the Advanced tab.
      3. Under the Java console section, select the Show console radio button.
  2. By writing to log files:

    • Logging can be activated in Weasis from File > Preferences > General
    • The default logging configuration comes from config.properties or ext-config.properties, see Weasis Preferences.

Is it possible to download DICOM files without having a WADO server?

Yes, but a WADO server is recommended. Downloading DICOMs can be achieved by:

  • Building an XML file by using DirectDownloadFile and DirectDownloadThumbnail:
  • Adding the following command:
    $dicom:get -r http://external.server/images/MRIX_LUMBAR/img1.dcm http://external.server/images/img2.dcm
    Note: This option must be used only for a very limited number of files.