DICOM Import

How to import DICOM files

From the system file explorer

Drag and drop

Files or folders selected from the system file explorer can be opened by dragging and dropping into the central area of Weasis (any files into empty area or specific files related to the view which is already open).

File association

Dicom files can be opened by double-clicking them from the system file explorer.

On Windows only the files with the extension “.dcm” are associated with Weasis. With other systems DICOM without extension are associated with Weasis.

From Weasis menu or toolbar

From the main menu, open File > Import > DICOM or from the first import button in the toolbar.

DICOM EXplorer

Select a way to import DICOM

  • Local Device: from a path (file or folder)
  • DICOM ZIP: from a DICOM ZIP file
  • DICOMDIR: from a DICOM CD/DVD or a folder containing a DICOMDIR
  • DICOM Query/Retrieve:
    • With DICOM nodes: classic DIMSE C-Find with C-Move, C-Get or WADO-URI for retrieving DICOM files
    • With DICOMWeb nodes: QIDO and WADO-RS for retrieving DICOM files

When a query is too long, try to click on the “Clear” button to cancel the request.

From commands

See this page