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These native installers below replace the package (still available here until version 4.0) and no longer requires Java to be installed on the system. It also serves as a basis for launching Weasis from a web context using the weasis protocol. See below the differences between the weasis distributions.

Operating System Architecture Package Size Weasis installer Comments
Linux x86 64-bit DEB 38.0 MB weasis_3.7.1-1_amd64.deb Requires GLIBC_2.14 or higher
Linux ARM 32-bit DEB 44.5 MB weasis_3.7.1-1_armhf.deb Requires GLIBC_2.7 or higher. Only tested with Raspberry Pi 4
Linux x86 64-bit RPM 52.1 MB weasis-3.7.1-1.x86_64.rpm Requires GLIBC_2.14 or higher
Mac OS x86 64-bit PKG 50.3 MB Weasis-3.7.1-x86-64.pkg Requires Mac OS 10.9 or higher
Windows x86 64-bit MSI 38.4 MB Weasis-3.7.1-x86-64.msi Requires Windows 7, 8 or 10

See this page for getting the list of all the packages to download and other Websites distibuting Weasis.

To manage Weasis version at the server side, it is possible to install the Weasis web package which will upgrade the native installation at the client side (it works for minor releases by updating all the plug-ins except the launcher).
The different possibilities for integrating Weasis with other systems are described here.

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Weasis distributions

The table below shows the differences between the distributions (the answer yes is the best):

  • Weasis native installer: Windows MSI, macOS PKG, and Linux RPM and DEB. Can be used as a standalone application or connected to the web distribution (allows you to launch the defined version remotely)
  • Weasis portable: Can be used in removable devices.
  • Weasis web with Java Webstart: weasis.war and using Java Webstart as launcher (JNLP). Java Webstart has been removed from Java 11.
Description of features Weasis native installer Weasis portable Weasis web with Java Webstart
Does not require a Java installation Yes No but a JRE related to the system can be placed in the package (e.g. jre/windows) No
Does not require admin permissions to install No Yes (except on recent Mac OS X versions) No (requires Java installation)
Supported Java 11 or superior Yes Yes but only from Weasis 3.5 No (JWS has been removed from Java 11)
Start from web page Yes N/A Yes but directly only with JNLP protocol, otherwise required to download and execute jnlp file
Start from any software Yes No Yes but only with JNLP protocol
Start from command line Yes (use weasis protocol without additional information) Yes (required to know the script location) Yes with javaws (required a third-party software to build the JNLP file dynamically)
Single instance mechanism Yes (smart rules based on profile) Partially (only on Windows without smart rules) Yes but contains several issues
Supports HiDPI monitors Yes Yes but only when running Java 13 or superior No
Shortcut to launch from the OS Yes No No
Running on recent Mac OS X Yes (supports sandboxing) No Yes but it requires to have Java 8 as default Java version
Menu integration on Mac OS X Yes Yes from Weasis 3.5 but only when running Java 9 or superior No
OS integration for all the machine users Yes No No
DICOM files association at the system level with Weasis Yes No No
Register weasis protocol at the system level Yes No No
Loading studies with DICOMWeb RESTful archive from a web context Yes (can be done directly without weasis-pacs-connector) N/A No (not implement in weasis-pacs-connector)
Launch by weasis-pacs-connector Yes (required weasis-pacs-connector 7.1.1) N/A Yes but weasis-pacs-connector 7.1.1 must be called by the deprecated service http://hostname/weasis-pacs-connector/viewer
Integration with dcm4chee-2.x web portal Yes (required weasis-pacs-connector 6.1.5) N/A Yes (required weasis-pacs-connector 6.x)
Integration with dcm4chee-arc-light web portal Yes N/A Yes
Weasis automatic remote update Yes (except Java and the launcher) N/A Yes
Handle preferences at server-side Yes N/A Yes
API to manage user remote preferences Yes N/A Yes from Weasis 3.5
API to manage launcher configuration Yes N/A Yes from Weasis 3.5 (not implement in weasis-pacs-connector and not fully compliant)