Build KO and PR

How to build and export DICOM KO and PR

Key Object Selection (KO)

  • To display KO Toolbar, select in menu: View > Toolbars > Key Object Selection Toolbar

  • Click on the right icon over the image to select the Key Object Selection. Click on the star icon (or press ‘k’) to create in a new KO or to add the key image.

    Build KO

Presentation State (PR or GSPS)

  • Open PR: Since Weasis 2.6.0 PRs are not applied to the image by default (requires to select the right icon over the image). To apply the most recent PR by default, change it in the preferences.

  • Create PR: Any type of annotations can be exported in DICOM Presentation State. Image presentation (zoom, W/L, LUT…) will be exported in a future version.

    Build PR

Exporting Key Object Selection or Presentation State

  • To export KO or PR, select in the menu: File > Export > DICOM
    1. Locally Export KO locally
    2. Remotely Export KO remotely