DICOM Export

How to export DICOM files

Exporting the selected view

Export the selected view either to the clipboard or to image file (PNG, TIF, JPG, JPEG2000).

Current view

Export the view as it is.

Anonymize: It allows you to remove identifying information in overlay

Original Image

Export the view according to the original image with some options.

Export view

  • Size: Change the image size in percent
  • Preserve 16-bit per channel: Option to preserve the pixel depth (e.g. 16-bit in PNG/JPEG 2000/TIFF, double values in TIFF). When this option is applied, the pixel values will match with the Modality LUT values (e.g. Hounsfield values). Exporting in JPEG Lossy is only possible when unchecked for 8-bit image.
  • DICOM Pixel Padding: Apply the DICOM pixel padding when checked
  • DICOM Shutter: Apply the DICOM shutters when checked
  • DICOM Overlay: Apply the DICOM overlays when checked

DICOM Export

Local Device

Export DICOM

  1. Select Local Device item
  2. Choose the exporting options Export options
    • Transcoding: It allows to change the DICOM transfer syntax. Use this option only if you understand well what you are doing.
    • Generate new unique identifiers: Create new UIDs for some attributes. For an export, the consistency between UIDs and their references is preserved.
    • Include DICOMDIR: Create DICOMDIR file
    • DICOM CD folders: Add a directory to be compliant with DICOM CD
    • Keep directory names: Preserve the name in the directory hierarchy (not compliant with DICOMDIR)
  3. Select the patient/study/series/instance to export. Note: series created by Weasis have a flag “NEW”
  4. Export the selection and close the Window

When DICOM data is exported in a native image format (JPG, PNG, JPEG 2000 or TIFF), only the images are transformed (see original image options ) and the encapsulated files (video, audio and PDF) are extracted.

Multiframe images are exported by adding a number to the end of the file name.


  1. Select DICOM Send item
  2. Select the destination node (either a DICOM node or a DICOMWeb node)
  3. Select the patient/study/series/instance to export. Note: series created by Weasis have a flag “NEW”
  4. Send the selection to the destination and close the Window